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The intelligence of patents

the intelligence of patents

What is a patent?

A patent is an exclusive right over an industrial application that is the result of ingenuity, research and inventiveness; or, in the words of the Patent Office, "an invention is a new and innovative solution in response to a technical problem": the creation of a completely new device, product or method, or the improvement of an existing product or process. It is the result of considerable efforts and long-term investments in research and development.

In Italy, the first patent dates back to 1421.

It was issued to the Florentine architect Filippo Brunelleschi for the invention of a barge intended for the transport of marble for the construction of the Florence Cathedral.

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    The list of patents filed by Clei is one of the documents we are most proud of.

    It is a practical demonstration of our commitment, our determination to invest significantly in Research and Development with the aim to continue to devise new and innovative solutions to anticipate the expectations. It is the best guarantee of reliability for our business partners, the best evidence of safety for families that choose our products everywhere in the world.