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The Intelligence Of Reliability

The Intelligence Of Reliability 

Generation after generation

The best test of a product’s reliability is customer satisfaction and durability over time.

The transformable systems produced back in 1963 are still in perfect working condition and the integrated beds continue to very efficiently protect the sleep of the third generation of users.

The secret is project excellence, a rigorous choice of materials, testing of every component and a careful final inspection.

controllo qualità

Safe like on the first day.

Beautiful like on the first day.

It is very demanding, very laborious and very expensive work:
the only way that we know to design and produce.

Our approach involves exceptional knowledge and expertise.
These are the reasons for our success.

Achieving and maintaining the highest reliability standards is an ethical imperative for Clei: we want to be sure that, after repeated openings and daily use, each of our products remains perfect over time just like it was on the first day.