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Clei, 100% Original

the first, the real original. Since 1963

Companies are like people: none is ever like another. However, as far as the corporate world is concerned, some are completely dierent from them all.

This was true of us.

Clei has been the first company - since 1963 - to explore the complex world of transformable furniture, becoming during time an undisputed specialist of the multifunctional living. As always happens to innovators, Clei is constantly imitated. A reason that has always motivated us to support with passion research and innovation to create value we are proud of.

The distinctive value of a strong inclination towards new developments and of products with patented technologies, always with an eye to the future.

Transforming Home

Living the Flexible Space

The Open House
Flexibility during Time

Flexibility in Design and Use

With alternative solutions for the arrangement of furnishing, with many options to meet the several  requests, instead of the static nature of the standard furnishings, with products able to take different configurations for the various uses.

Flexibility during time and throughout the changes

With versatile multifunctional systems to adapt and adjust the domestic space to the renewed requirements of the people who live in, with transformed configurations compared to the initial layout.

Interaction between products and people

Where the space is configured and vary according to choices and requirements of who lives in.
A personalized setting, where  daily actions are performed by upgraded functions.

Optimization and adaptability of space

With  flexible modular and reconfigurable systems, able to maximize the dimensions and the value of space.
Domestic spaces with chameleonic furniture, able to take different configurations finalized to  different uses, to meet the changes of the life style.

A wall system designed to transform and optimize home spaces in a structural, integrated manner.

the new way of living

the smart house by Clei

Urbanization is one of the most important aspects of our time: recent evaluations say that more than half of the people on Earth lives today in a city. This is an amazing phenomenon, under every point of view, if we think that at the beginning of the XIX century the inhabitants of cities were only 5% of the whole population.
In reply to the challenge of the exponential growing of cities, the most advanced technology came into action with even more sophisticated applications, based on the interpretation of the “Big Data”. As a result, thanks to the interconnection of the digital networks, the city becomes SMART CITY and learns how to organize time, space and resources in an intelligent way.

A real revolution, whose long wave has involved also the way of living. The “house of the human“, a concept that has stopped at the trials of big European urbanists of the last century, is getting an exceptionally great evolutionary transformation.

The idea of “house” changes upon a different and more intelligent design of the living features that make it what it is; a concept of the furnishing, based on a radical as well as innovative re-interpretation of the final use, has deeply changed the traditional repartition of house areas, making the classic time-connected divisions totally old.
The smart furniture, result of a research project that joins technology and design, stores the definition of “day” and “night” and makes definitely outdated also the so-called “kid’s bedrooms” category.
The metamorphosis that has been possible thanks to clever innovation and that wins on static nature and tradition.

Innovation as a tool for growth

To transform an innovation into an invention, you need to combine intuition, creativity, skills and market knowledge.
On this basis, with a strong inclination towards new developments, investment in R&D and innovation in terms of products, technologies and marketing, we work towards increasing the global value of the organisation and maintaining a competitive edge.
This is our way of understanding innovation, which for us, alongside ingenuity, takes on unmistakable forms.