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How to create a guest room in the living room

Projects - 27 January 2020

How to create a guest room in the living room

Clei solutions broadcasted on La5 on how to turn a single room into a multifunctional and comfortable space.

Turning a single room into a living area able to accommodate a kitchen, a dining table, a living area and, when needed, a guest double bed in just a few square meters. 

This is the mission assigned to interior designer Andrea Castrignano, together with Chef Roberto Di Pinto, in the fourth episode of the third season of “Aiuto!Arrivano gli ospiti…”, aired on Friday 13 December on La5.

In order to satisfy the client’s needs, Castrignano used Clei transforming solutions, designed to turn every space of your home into a versatile and functional area. Let’s find out how. 

The living room turns into a guest room thanks to Clei solutions

Alex moved to Milan for work-related reasons nearly two years ago and recently bought a fully renovated apartment with excellent finishes, but he is not yet completely satisfied: the furniture style is impersonal and, there is no space to host his parents comfortably during their frequent visit. 

He would like to impress his wife, who is also thinking about moving to Milan, by furnishing the house with a contemporary style, suitable for a young couple; at the same time, he needs to create a cozy bedroom within the living area to host his parents. 

Inspiration to furnish the guest room: restyling to create a multifunctional space

Castrignano’s job is to completely restyle the living area, not only aesthetically but also functionally. He reached this goal thanks to our compact and versatile Tango Sofa, the transforming system consisting of a fixed-seats comfortable sofa integrated with a double function wall with a foldaway double bed.

Guest room living

Credits: Interior Designer Andrea Castrignano / ph. credit Armando Moneta

Opening and closing the bed becomes incredibly simple thanks to the handle on the front shelf that works as a support for the bed when opened. The pivot system also eliminates the need to remove the items from the shelf, thus allowing a quick and easy transformation of the space. 

Guest double bed

Credits: Interior Designer Andrea Castrignano / ph. credit Armando Moneta

The transforming wall features an open element on the left hand side and a two-door hemp-colored element on the right hand side. The Deserto nuance, selected for the front and the pivoting shelf, creates a pleasant contrast with the soft texture and Delfino color of the sofa. 

The choice of colors played a key role in Castrignano’s tailoring design project. Thanks to an augmented reality headset, the client had the chance to visualize a virtual rendering of the entire space in two different color options: red and blue. 

In order to create a more perky and personal space, a strong pop style has been chosen for the accessories, as required by the client. 

Clei transforming solutions are perfect to get an original and welcoming guest room, within a few square meters.

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