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How to organize your home spaces: ideas and tips to optimize small spaces

Solutions - 30 August 2021

How to organize your home spaces: ideas and tips to optimize small spaces

From modern lofts to old town flats, from metropolitan apartments to the great country mansions.

Regardless the size of our home, these are the main questions that we should ask ourselves in order to better “exploit” the available space: how should we organize the spaces at home to make it practical and multi-functional? How can we dynamically adapt to our ever more hectic lifestyles? 

Clearly, there is not just one right answer: if on one side a big apartment is subject to waste of space and accumulation of things, on the other side smaller apartments are often uncleverly partitioned, but in both situations, the space is never perceived to be sufficient.

Therefore, the main goal is to reach an optimization and organization of the spaces.

In order to be free from that sense of confusion conveyed by unorganized or “cluttered” spaces, you should start with some basic expedients.

Thanks to some tricks and transforming solutions, you can get rid of what is superfluous and find a new set-up for your home.

Three smart ideas to organize your home

When looking for ideas to optimize your home spaces, it's common to make a mistake: wanting to do everything at once, without patience.

Hands up all those who ever wanted to wave a magic wand and transform their home. A touch of lightness to reconsider the spaces can actually change your dwelling and improve quality of life.

Here are three smart ideas you can put into practice.

  1. Not everything is essential.   Have you ever wondered if you really need all you have in your home?  The frenzy of the everyday life often leads to objects accumulation, from the tiniest to the bulkiest ones, that usually prove to be useless and literally devour space.  In this case the password is decluttering.
    First things first, in order to change spaces, you need to understand your needs and to do it you ought to realize how many things you have.  Look at everything and ask yourself: “do I really need this?”. The answer to this question can be influenced by a sentimental attachment to things. A clever trick is to think about the last time you used it, if it was more than a year ago, then you probably will not miss it. Getting rid of what you do not need is the first step to regain possession of your spaces.
  2. A place for everything.  At this point the best ally to enjoy your spaces is order: everything should have its own “home”.  This way you gain two benefits: visual delight and functionality. Finding what you need is going to be easier as well as cleaning and making your home more pleasant, roomier and more livable.
  3. Multifunctional furniture.   The hardest part is done.  Once you decluttered spaces getting rid of all that is superfluous, you will discover what your home really needs. It is time to focus on the choice of furniture and solutions mixing style and multi-functionality.  Have you ever considered buying transforming furniture?  You do not have to live in a tiny home to make this choice that will let you discover a completely new way to live your home.  Thanks to exclusive project solutions, you can better organize, multiply and change a space, depending on the needs arising at different times of the day. 

One space, many functions: tips to organize small environments

Decluttering means gathering things rather than scattering them: the best possible advice to get your house organized is to create multi-functional, versatile and flexible spaces.

Organization is not only a synonymous of order, but also of smart use of the space. Every centimeter, if properly exploited, can make a difference in giving a fresh new look to your home and taking advantage of its full potential.

A practical example?

A single 4 meters wall can contain three different scenarios to be alternated during the day: the kitchen area can be closed to have enough space for a pleasant dinner with friends before the long-awaited relaxing time.

Ambiente 11

Space 11

A new space for every time of the day is what you can have with easy rapid moves thanks to Clei patents and technology.

Space 11 has two souls: Penelope 2 Dining, a transforming system with convertible double bed, tilting opening with safety mechanism to stop accidental opening and closing, and a 4 seats tilting table; and Kitchen Box, a transforming mini-kitchen able to provide the comfort of a real kitchen in only 1.2 meters. With a simple rotating movement, you can double the work surface.

How to optimize your home spaces

Optimizing your home spaces means carefully considering the intended use of each room and the must-have key elements. In other words, nobody would design a bedroom without a bed or a living room without a sofa.

Usually, this kind of furniture has one single flaw: they are bulky.  Furniture inevitably takes up space that would definitively be better exploited by adopting alternative solutions.

The good news is that such solutions exist: as mentioned above, we are talking about transforming systems able to combine multiple functions within one single piece of furniture.   A room can thus become a flexible environment, able to fluidly adapt to every need.

This is possible thanks to the clean, modern and appealing design of few fundamental pieces of furniture. For example if you wanted to create an area that combines a living room where you can relax, a study corner for your smart work and a bedroom where you can enjoy your well-deserved sleep, you could opt for a solution inspired by our Space 22.

Here, Penelope 2 Sofa, a dual-function transforming system with a foldaway double bed including a sofa and a bookcase, is placed next to Home Office, a cabinet with a central door that becomes a wide desk and a compartment equipped with a micro-perforated metal sheet shelf, cable gland and LED lighting.

Penelope 2 Sofa + Home Office

Space 22: Penelope 2 Sofa + Home Office

Those people looking for a smart and multi-tasking solution to optimize the kitchen area or the living room, shall take into consideration Girò with floor storage units, a console featuring a bifold opening system that thanks to its rotating mechanism turns into a foldaway table, useful to have lunch, to work or study. Once closed, the table frees up the area, only taking up the space of a wall console.

Girò con contenitori a a terra

Girò with floor storage units

Lastly, you can also organize and optimize the space inside your kids bedroom: you just have to opt for Kali Duo Board, a transforming system with a foldaway bunk bed. With a simple movement, the bed of Kali Duo Board turns into a maxi desk and vice versa.

Kali Duo Board

In conclusion, you can have organized spaces that are both aesthetically appealing and smartly designed: what more could you wish for?