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How to create an extra room using multi-purpose solutions

Projects - 22 April 2020

How to create an extra room using multi-purpose solutions

Finding your ideal living space in just 32sqm can be challenging, even when living alone.

However, it is possible to create an extra room and increase the living space thanks to multi-purpose furnishing solutions

Let’s see how this is possible through the BayWa project, developed in collaboration with Christoph Brenner, our partner in Germany, for Anna, a researcher from Udine specialized in pedagogy, who lives and works in Ludwigsburg, a city about 17 km north of Stuttgart (Germany). 

baywa project

BayWa Project

Baywa project: making the most out of 30sqm

The 32sqm studio chosen by Anna is located in a central area of the German city, well connected by the public transport network. The apartment is part of a state-of-the-art residential complex designed by Strenger Bauen und Wohnen GmbH, one of the best German construction companies specialized in building ecofriendly, high-tech and high-quality apartments.

The main challenge was to turn the 32sqm space into an environment able to satisfy all of Anna’s needs: working from home, hosting her boyfriend from Berlin over the weekend, having a relaxation area, while also being able to pursue her passion for cooking. 

How did we achieve it? Thanks to the versatility of Clei transforming furniture, naturally.

Looking for some extra space? Creating multi-purpose rooms

As shown in the pictures, the space develops over a rectangular shape of about 18 sqm, excluding the bathroom and the small entrance hall.

multi-purpose furniture

BayWa Project (Credits: implemented in collaboration with our partner in Germany Christoph Brenner GmbH)

The kitchen corner has been created using the Kitchen Box system, a single block only 125cm long, which accommodates everything needed to allow Anna to prepare her delicious meals. The fully equipped revolving door doubles the working surface even when the system is closed, and can be used as a convenient pantry. Once the cooking is over, everything goes back to its place by simply closing the revolving table and the equipped door. 

multi-purpose room

BayWa Project: Kitchen Box (Credits: implemented in collaboration with our partner in Germany Christoph Brenner GmbH)

Anna frequently works from home. For her working station, we have chosen our versatile Home Office, a cabinet comprised of a system with a foldaway desk (length: 108cm) and a side column cabinet (length: 54cm) useful to store bulky textbooks and office supplies. 

This area has been created close to the big window to fully exploit the natural light, positioning the worktop so that the light beam hits transversally, thereby reducing eyestrain, especially when working on the computer. 

home office

BayWa Project: Home Office (Credits: implemented in collaboration with our partner in Germany Christoph Brenner GmbH)

On the opposite side, the sleeping and living areas coexist along a single wall, thanks to Nuovoliolà, the double-function transforming system, with foldaway double bed, sofa and bookshelf. Two wooden shelvings, each measuring 72cm, and two wide column cabinets, serving as wardrobe, were added at the sides of the system. 


BayWa Project: Nuovoliolà (Credits: implemented in collaboration with our partner in Germany Christoph Brenner GmbH)

This is Anna’s favorite corner, a place where she can relax after a day at work at the Department. During the weekend, during Jan’s visits from Berlin, Anna is happy to be able to host him, without any further cluttering of the space. 


BayWa Project: Nuovoliolà (Credits: implemented in collaboration with our partner in Germany Christoph Brenner GmbH)

The thoughtful design incorporating transforming systems has turned Anna’s small studio into a beautiful and comfortable environment. 

home office

BayWa Project (Credits: implemented in collaboration with our partner in Germany Christoph Brenner GmbH)

How to double your square meters

As shown before, to create an extra room in a studio and make the most of the available surface, it is not necessary to rely on partition walls or construction works. 

The most innovative and effective solution is provided by transforming and space-saving furniture. Through such solutions, it is possible to overcome the traditional “tight compartment” partitioning of our homes, in favor of space-saving furniture, with integrated foldaway solutions that multiply the space. Practical, functional, versatile and designed to adapt to your needs. 

When a home also doubles up as a working space, you can rely on double-function furniture, such as Wally, a 15 cm deep case element equipped for the office, comprised of an integrated desk with tilting opening. A working desk in the morning, and a dining table at lunchtime. When not needed, Wally can be easily closed, freeing up space that can be used in any other way. 



If you think you lack the space for two extra beds, the foldaway systems will also help you solve this issue. An example is Kali Duo Board, the foldaway bunk beds transforming system, which is only 35cm deep when closed.

kali duo board

Kali Duo Board

These are just some examples of ways to fully exploit every centimeter of your home, by transforming the livability of small spaces thanks to multifunctional furniture that can flexibly adapt to everyone’s lifestyle.

If you wish to enhance the space and functionality of your home, choose Clei's smart solutions.


The BayWa Project has been implemented in collaboration with our partner in Germany

 Christoph Brenner GmbH