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Bedroom and living room together: 3 ideas for a night & day space

Inspirations - 24 June 2020

Bedroom and living room together: 3 ideas for a night & day space

The recent lockdown period inevitably led to a reconsideration of the domestic spaces in light of new activities being carried out at home, such as remote working and indoor sports.

This situation has emphasized the ongoing trend of designing multi-functional spaces that can be transformed and reconfigured according to the time of the day. This trend will increasingly shape the way we design our homes. 

Furthermore, socio-demographic forecasts show that, in the next few years, the housing demand in cities will grow considerably and will consequently reduce the available space. In this scenario, multi-functional solutions able to create several environments inside the same room are and will increasingly be more indispensable. 

Transforming living room: the advantages of 2-in-1 environments

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most suitable environments to apply this approach.  Have you ever thought about fitting the living area and the sleeping area into the same space?

For those who desire to fully exploit small spaces or those who embrace a fluid and ever-changing style of housing, the design of double-use environments with transforming solutions has many advantages:   

  • it can combine different functions within the same space according to the time of the day and to the activities to be performed, without sacrificing comfort. In this perspective, the living room can selectively become your home office during working hours, the bedroom for the night-time, or the living area for convivial moments;  
  • the versatile systems allow to obtain precious space with a minimum size, and can meet different needs (study, work, relaxation, sleep) that would normally require more furniture or an extra room.  By closing the transforming bed, it is possible to free up the 4 sqm usually occupied by a traditional double bed: all the space needed for indoor exercises and yoga sessions finally appears. 

Beyond the traditional partitioning of the environments

Multi-functional furniture changes the concept of home itself.  Fixed rooms and partitioned spaces are no longer contemplated, and are replaced by fully exploitable fluid environments that create dynamic and versatile spaces able to adapt to the different needs of each family member, according to the different time of the day or the week, as well as over time.

With a few simple movements, the square meters of your house will turn into your own office to work remotely, your son’s digital classroom or your daughter's gym to workout.

Thanks to foldaway beds, the bedroom only appears when needed, and, during the rest of the day, it doesn’t interfere with the living area and vice versa. 

Such solutions not only allow to obtain space but also to avoid using partitioning modules normally required to separate the living area from the sleeping area.  

To create different atmospheres according to the different time and tasks of the day, it is possible to opt for smart lighting solutions through which the artificial light intensity can be adjusted as needed. 

3 inspiring ideas

Here are three examples that showcase the versatility of foldaway modules and the cleverness of Clei’s transforming furniture when designing double-use rooms, with living and sleeping areas. 

Space 01

Intended to combine the different moments of a day spent at home, our Space 01 extends over a 5.30 mt wall and is comprised of Tango Sofa, the real heart of both the living and the sleeping area. Tango Sofa is a dual-function practical system, with a comfortable 3 seater sofa, integrated with a foldaway double bed. 

In the day-time setup, besides the sofa, the finishing touch to the environment is provided by another transforming system: App. A pull-out table that, when opened, turns into a 180 cm working station for your remote working.

Tango and App

Space 01: Tango Sofa + App

Space 07

This Space is also characterized by the same multi-functional approach: exploiting the height with a foldaway bed and allowing the sleeping and living area to harmoniously coexist.  The composition of the Space 07 is conceived for a less generous surface and for maximizing the use of smaller walls.  

As shown by the pictures, a cozy and intimate setting can be recreated even in small spaces. This is possible thanks to Oslo, the sofa featuring a clean and linear design that effortlessly gives way to a real ready-to-use double bed with tilting opening. 

The element that makes this environment suitable for studying or working is Wally, a table with tilting opening and a back panel equipped to interface with your devices. Characterized by a depth of only 15 cm, Wally almost seems to completely disappear when closed, freeing up the space needed for practicing your daily yoga exercises.

Oslo and Wally

Space 07: Oslo + Wally

Space 16

Another idea to optimize your study is our Space16.

In this configuration, the space optimization is maximized. A double bed, a single bed, a sofa and a space for your home office are harmoniously arranged in a narrow and long room of about 15 sqm.  

As in the two previous solutions, the Space 16 can easily switch from a sleeping area to a living area thanks to the transforming systems Circe Sofa (a sofa integrated to a double foldaway bed with an horizontal opening) and Kali Board, a single or intermediate bed that, when closed, creates a small independent study with a 216 cm large tilting desk. 

Space 16: Circe Sofa + Kali Board + Tetris

If our spaces have inspired you, and you wish to fully exploit the space in your home, discover all the advantages of Clei’s transforming solutions!

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