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How to furnish a vacation home with both design and functionality

Solutions - 6 August 2019

How to furnish a vacation home with both design and functionality

Whether by the sea or in the mountains, the furnishings of your vacation home should be chosen with care as well as you do when you furnish the home in which you live all year.

Since this is the place where you spend relaxing and pleasant moments with friends and relatives, style and functionality cannot be missing.

So, let's look at some starting points for furnishing your vacation home and making it comfortable and ready to welcome your guests. 

Design even on vacation

If you want the home in which you spend your vacations to convey serenity and lightness, a modern design that is right for both the sea and the mountains is what will suit you.

Minimal design furniture, made of uniform and linear surfaces, has, in fact, two great advantages: it frees the view and the mind from chaos, giving a feeling of harmony and simplicity; it requires less time and effort to be cleaned and maintained.

Making careful design choices also means being able to enhance spaces that are generally more limited in a vacation home. 

And this is where transformable pieces of furniture best realize their full potential. Furniture solutions that have the smallest footprint and perform more functions depending on the time of day and the number of guests present and their needs.

Colors are also important. To create a relaxing and welcoming environment, soft colors and neutral shades are more suitable, so that light is diffused more easily. 

Beige, sand nuances and blue are perfect, for example, for houses by the sea. If you want to give a sharper touch, add some coral red details, like a lamp or a picture, to contrast the soft colors.

For a house in the mountains, warm, enveloping colors and textured finishes are more suitable.

The kitchen and the living room: spaces for hospitality

A fresh and easy style is what you need in the kitchen and living room. Usually these two spaces are often sacrificed in vacation homes, due to the large outdoor spaces used for summer lunches and dinners. The living area, perhaps adjacent to the kitchen, can meet the sudden need to accommodate two more guests very well. 

Picture yourself at the end of one those enjoyable evenings spent with family or friends in which, amidst hearty dinners and lively chats, people linger longer than usual, and your guests have no desire to get behind the wheel. Having extra beds in a vacation home is essential.

In these cases the solution is versatile and multi-functional furniture like our Penelope Dining, a transformable system that harmoniously integrates a table that opens for 4 people and a fold-away double bed.

Table for holiday home

Guest beds are never enough

If your home does not provide extra rooms for guests, but you don't want to forego friends and relatives who come to visit you, the best thing is to manage to utilize the available spaces strategically, without ever giving up comfort and style. 

One possibility is a mezzanine you can build in rooms that are high enough so that more space can be obtained. 

Or more simply opt for smart furniture that create the possibility of having an extra bed only when needed, like our Penelope sofa with a foldaway double bed. 

Another inspiration is our Space 8 which in a single living space manages to make 4 practical and comfortable beds, ideal to accommodate an entire family. 

Swing combines in a single wall a sofa with an always-ready sliding bed storage unit, a bookcase and a double bed with a slatted base and aluminum frame.  

Kali Duo Standard is a convertible system with horizontal foldaway bunk beds, ideal to have 2 extra beds in any corner of the house.  

Bunk bed

Office corners for people who work on vacation

You know, for some people, vacation does not mean getting off work altogether. People who need to carve out their own office corners even in vacation homes that do not have offices, can achieve this with functionality

First of all, like for the rest of the year, also on vacation, the workstation must meet comfort criteria and contain elements that can help your concentration. For this reason, avoid choosing your kitchen as your office corner, as often happens, in the absence of a dedicated place.

The ideal thing would be to place the worktop or desk in such a way that it receives light from the side, preferably from the right and in general, not fill the work area with other unnecessary furniture. The simpler the furniture is, the more your mindset will thank you ... even if you are working on vacation.

There are cases in which it seems quite impossible to find the space to put a desk. Let's face it, a vacation home is not made for work. And yet once again, transformable furniture will amaze you. 

This is the case with Penelope Board, a desk with a bookcase that as soon as you finish working, without moving anything from the desktop, turns into a double bed. The perfect solution to have the comfort of a large desk even in your vacation home.

office corner

With Clei solutions, you can fully enjoy your spaces and enjoy every moment with your guests.

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